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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dinner Report: Toby Keith's in Bricktown..

On our last evening in OKC, we started to watch a little minor league baseball from the comfort of our hotel room overlooking the AT&T Bricktown Park.
We almost thought about ordering a pizza and just watching the game but of course, we needed to at least go into Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, so we made the short walk.

Inside, the place looks like a huge warehouse full of memorabilia from the road, huge murals and autographed black & white promotional photos from the many stars who have either been or at least donated a picture. I apologize for you not being able to see anything good, but it was dark and I didn't want to walk around and take a bunch of happy snaps with flash as people were trying to eat.

As it turned out, we walked right through the main concert/eating area and were seated in a glassed in patio. My son told us that originally, the patio was open to the river walk area but I guess they decided it would be better to add windows. Good call.
My wife was not all that hungry and she was thinking something along the lines of a kids meal when she ordered a Grilled Cheese plate. Needless to say, she was not expecting two full GC on Texas Toast. It was good enough for her to eat some and transport the remainder back to San Antonio for later consumption. That is quite an accolade for a grilled cheese sandwich, don't ya think?

My son told me that the catfish there was good and opted for a fish sandwich. How awesome is that?
And of course, I wasn't going to pass up on the catfish but I went with the plate including sides of green beans and some black eyed peas. The green beans were very wonderful though the black eyed peas seemed fairly out of the can'ish. The catfish was simply delicious. The breading was almost just a dusting (I think that is a cooking term), with just a hint of seasoning. The fish was very meaty and very good and the generous portion was almost enough to make me get a to-go box, but I prevailed.
As we were leaving, there was a band getting ready to go on stage and entertain the folks and as you would expect, the place was really filling up with people wanting to hear a little music. No actual sighting of Toby Keith, but I'd say the guy puts together a nice little bar & grill. If you find yourself in Bricktown, you'll want to give it a shot.

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nice to know the grub is good at toby's ..
which reminds me..i was going to ask you and eva when you came thu if you wanted to meet..but since you didnt ask to, i didn't want to barge in..but next time you come thru..email me and i'll meet you guys for a skunk egg and dublin dr pepper..

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