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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinner Report: Tickets Pub & Eatery in Fairborn...

If you are asking what part of San Antonio Fairborn is in, I should tell you that I'm currently on a short trip to the city of Dayton, OH and Fairborn is a nice community nearby the hotel I am staying at.
Regular reader and commenter FrankVW made a suggestion that I try the wings at a place called Tickets on Main Street. Of course, I did and I am glad for the tip. By the name of the place, I think it is reasonable to assume these days that it must be some sort of sports bar. Instead what I found was a very nice, well appointed pub with an awesome menu to choose from.
I took a seat at the bar, a really long affair where you could expect someone to slide a mug full of beer to Norm, sitting on the end. As a few folks would leave the place, the bartendress said goodbyes knowing their names. How very Cheers-like.
I should point out, and Frank may not be aware of this since it has been years since his last visit, but the demographic at least during my visit was well above middle-aged. So if the lady behind the bar was maybe 30, and I'm 47, I'm guessing the average age in the place was about 85. But they were a young looking 85. May have been the time of day; who knows? Either way, it had the feel of a place you could take your family for dinner and not worry that some liquored up guy was going to bust out a pool cue and start smacking someone. And if he did, you'd just tell Gramps the war was over and to finish his Souvlaki.
Anyway, I'm not complaining. While I waited for my order, I enjoyed a draft Killian's and read an arts paper, Dayton CityPaper.

Of course, I ordered the wings with some bleu cheese dipping sauce. Though I have to tell you, the menu offers some convincing alternatives. The place is heavy on Greek specialties, but I saw a special on Cajun Catfish. If only I had the time...
The reason I don't like places like Buffalo Wild Wings is that they serve up these overcooked, skimpy wings covered in syrup-like flavoring. No thanks. I ordered the medium heat and these were wonderfully large, meaty wings with the perfect flavoring. Of course they were messy, but that's part of the fun. The smallest order is 10. I'm stuffed. Frank mentioned hauling an order of 20 all the way too Alaska; I can understand why.
Oh, but I had to order up some Jalapeno Poppers. Everybody knows that you can't eat wings without some poppers. I realize these things are probably just pulled out of a frozen bag and deep fried, but they really were excellent. No nacho filled business here, actual cream cheese. Yum!
I appreciate the tip, Frank, and might even finish the deal with a scoop of ice cream from Young's Jersey Dairy! In Fairborn and need some wings? Bring a bib and a big appetite and get over to Tickets for a really Tasty Treat!


frankvw said...

Glad to see my old stomping ground is still delivering the goods. It's been 10 years since I brought those wings back to Alaska. That explains the older clientele. Now all you have to do is take a trip back to the early 70's with a visit to Yellow Springs and Young's Dairy. -- Frank

frankvw said...

Oh, and thanks for the pictures. The only thing that looks like it's changed in 10 years is that the TV's were replaced with HDTV's.

Rob said...

Dave, Nice Post! As a long time patron of Tickets in Fairborn I appreciate and thank you for your comments on a great establishment in my hometown.

Nest time try some of of the greek dishes, you can't go wrong.

Rob Degenhart

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