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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner Report: One Eyed Jacks in Fairborn...

Just a block over from my hotel in Dayton is a mall and loads of eating places to choose from. You can't ask for a better location for convenience. I pulled into a small strip shopping center that seemed to be anchored with a Texas Roadhouse. If all else failed, I had planned to grab a familiar staple to go.
As I was driving through the lot, I caught a glimpse of One Eyed Jacks, a pub with a noticeable sign on the glass: Reubens. That was all I needed to know!

Inside, it looked like a standard pub with the usual signage, beer coolers and taps. I took a seat at the bar and asked if I could get some vittles to go. The bartendress smartly suggested something to drink as I waited, and she offered me a sample of a beer called Great Lakes. A little sweet, but I had a pint while I waited.
Also while I waited, a guy who appeared to be a regular sat at the stool beside mine and began to play some sort of a Find the Difference computer game. You know that cartoon in the Sunday paper where they show two frames of the same picture, only a few items are different? The man's tie is always different, a shoelace is missing or a picture on the wall has appeared. In this game, it featured nekkid women. How cute. And apparently this guy has played the game quite a few times because he was damn good at picking out the differences.

The menu had a full selection of pub favorites - wings, burgers, and such, but I was pretty sure when I came in, I wanted the Reuben. I substituted fries for the batter dipped onion rings (of course) and enjoyed the smoke-free atmosphere while I finished the beer.
I made the short trip back to the hotel and found that the food was wonderfully piping hot. The Reuben was stuffed full! I'm not a huge fan of sauerkraut on hot dogs, but on the Reuben, it just works.
The onion rings are beer battered exactly like I need them. A perfect compliment.
Great service, a nice beer selection and an awesome Reuben, One Eyed Jacks in Fairborn hit the spot with a Tasty Treat.


frankvw said...

While in Dayton, you need to go to a place in downtown Fairborn called Tickets Pub and Eatery (7 West Main St, Fairborn, OH). http://www.ticketspub.com/
I used to go there when I was stationed at Wright-Patt. Great Buffalo Wings. They were so good that several years later I took 20 back to Alaska with me when I was TDY to Wright-Patt.

If you have time to get out to Yellow Springs you have to go to Young's Jersey Dairy (6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd, Yellow Springs, OH) for some homemade ice cream http://youngsdairy.com/. Yum! - Frank

Dave said...

Thanks for the info. I'll try to get over to Tickets and give a full report!


one of my favorite sandwiches..but i like it on rye..sigh*

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