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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner Report: The Flying Pizza in Fairborn...

With a Spurs-Mavs playoff game imminent, I needed to grab some take-out for my final night in Dayton.
I had seen this place, The Flying Pizza, right next door to One Eyed Jacks near my hotel. I checked it out on the Google and saw several good reviews.
The place is small. If you stood out front and peered inside, you could watch the pizza guy flinging the pizza dough around. Inside, there is a long skinny hall of booths and not much else.
I read that the Sicilian pizza was the way to go, so I ordered the smallest size which is way more than one person can possibly eat. I thought it might make a good leftover for my flight home.
I got pepperoni and sausage. The sauce includes onion and garlic. The outer crust was really good. It reminded me a bit of Pizza Hut's Pan pizza crust. The pepperoni was good and the sausage was alright. I ate a full piece and admittedly, ate most of the pepperonis and some of the cheese and sausage nuggets.

Did I mention that just next door they sell a very good Reuben sandwich?

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