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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks KSAT-12: You Ruined LOST!

I know that you could consider me typical of people in society today where I am less interested in knowing minute by minute details of the Texas Primaries, and more interested in seeing an hour long re-run of last weeks LOST episode with pop-ups to explain all the crap that I didn't understand the first time around. My wife and I both did our civic duty today and voted, so now leave me the hell alone and quit playing those stupid political commercials.

LOST learned a thing or two from Monday Night Football back when Dennis Miller was one of the commentators. They knew that he was entirely too smart for us viewers, so they actually had Internet columns posted Tuesday mornings, explaining all the funny stuff Miller had said the night before.
Now, with LOST, they are showing the previous episode complete with little pop-ups (sort of like VH1's old Pop-Up Video where they would play a song and trivia about it at the same time). This hour of reflection is crucial for us to understand what the hell the writers were thinking last week, and to prepare us for the new episode coming on tonight.
Of course, if your local news station, KSAT-12 in our case, decides to screw me over by blocking the informative captions with uninteresting, up to the minute voting information that is not important anyway, after all, you still have to hold the real election, it shows that they are complete morons. Notice the slight edge of green just above the election banner? That tells me that I am missing a crucial piece of information. (And yes, I'm happy that Delicia Herrera didn't win, but that is beside the point).

Seriously, do you people at KSAT not even know what it is you are showing on TV and the crucial point - in fact the only point - people would watch a rerun? Here's a bright idea? Why don't you interrupt Grey's Anatomy with Erectile Dysfunction images during the middle of some scene where two doctors are being naughty in the locker room. That would make about as much sense.

KSAT, you people disgust me. Except for Ursula Pari.



on my cable i get the local waco abc and the dallas abc station..i kept calling the waco one and complained about the running of the results across the bottom and blocking out the clues...i was so pissed..i said it's one percent voters in...wait until it's at least 50 percent in..finally i switched over to the dallas one and they had the 'clues' written right across the top of the results..i called our local channel back and told them i didnt give a damn what they did that the dallas abc channel cared enough about their viewers that they figured out how to do it and still make everyone happy and they could just kiss my ass.

AlanDP said...

The San Antonio stations have ALWAYS been that way. During the 70s and 80s when they used to have "made-for-tv-movies" the SA stations would preempt them to show local stuff like city council meetings. I remember two specifically: Little House on the Prairie and The Sacketts. They advertise the **** out of them for weeks, and when the time came, SA bumped them for some stupid and meaningless local nonsense. But there are only the 2 specific instances I can remember; this is something that happened all the time.

When I was in college I remarked to my room-mate how different the TV stations were there: they always showed what they had been advertising and never bumped anything for city council meetings and idiot stuff like that. He had never heard of such a thing. Apparently it's something strange about SA.

Maybe it still goes on. I don't know, because I don't watch network TV anymore.

Anonymous said...

That is bad. Plus, why are the commercials yelling at us??!! We are not deaf, for goodness sake! I thought they were supposed to stop. One of these days, in the very far future, I am going to stop watching TV.

Four Dinners said...

It lost me half way through series one.

Then again...I do love Homer.

Perhaps that explains it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the habits of our local stations are the reason that this area is ranked 37th nationally as far as tv markets go.

Watching local news here after coming from a major market is strictly amateur night. The anchors can't pronounce words correctly, the guy on the board is clueless, the guy putting up the captions can't spell, it goes on and on.

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