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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strange On the Way Home...

Not really strange per se, but I did notice a few things on my way from work this evening.
I was at my downtown office today and on the way home, I got in more traffic than I normally have to deal with. Interestingly enough, this KSAT 12 billboard caught my eye. We are KENS-5 folks, so I don't really pay much attention to News4 or KSAT, but my recollection of Ursula Pari from when she was married to WOAI's Randy Beamer, was that she looked a little older and more conservative. See her station photo here. Is it just me or have they attempted to spice her up a bit since the divorce? And by the way, I think they did some airbrush work on Greg Simmons, too.

But who pays attention to these details.
Oh, the other thing that caught my eye was this little mishap on the corner of Old Grissom and Culebra. Apparently, they need to get some turning lane stripes sooner rather than later. This lady sure needed them. How do you even explain that? Didn't the little orange signs give even a slight hint? At least she seemed okay.

I know; not so Strange...


Anonymous said...

Apparently she also didn't notice the "No Left Turn" sign almost directly over her head...

Anonymous said...

Whoops, make that "No RIGHT Turn!"

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