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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strange in My Doritos...

Does anyone care to explain this little situation?
My wife decided to treat herself to a modest serving of Doritos this evening when she interrupted my important book reading screaming, "Get your camera, we've hit the Lottery!" Okay, that isn't an exact quote, but there was some initial speculation on our part about the exact nature and chemical make-up of the Dorito Mass found in the bag, and what reasonable compensation one might garner in return for not making it the focus of a blog entry.
Of course, upon further inspection, we realized it was just a bunch of Dorito dust all globbed together in the bag. I'm not looking to sue, but instead, I'm think this might be good crumbled up and sprinkled on eggs in the morning.


Have you found any foreign objects in your food? Do tell! Leave a comment if you'd like - just click the button below.


Albatross said...

Did you take a bite?

C'mon. I dare ya.


never found anything but i did open a can of peas the other day and guess there was a air bubble or something cause when I opened it up it sort of popped and when i drained the can there was about 8 peans in the can.

Anonymous said...

i just found one in my bag today, yuck

Anonymous said...

Found one too, that's why I looked it up

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