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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ride in the Country Report: Hwy 97...

My wife and I did it to ourselves again. We piddled around all morning thinking that we would eat some breakfast, and by the time we realized it was noon, we didn't want to waste a good opportunity to eat lunch. So we both ate a cracker with cheese on it, jumped in the truck and headed for La Vernia, a small town east of China Grove, which is a sleepy little town down around, ahem, San Antone.

By the way, it is said that real Texans never say "San Antone", but I assure you, I've heard it quite a bit in my roughly twenty-five years here. And if it is good enough for George Strait, I suspect the Doobie Brothers can get away with it.

Anyway, we have been looking at the Internet recently and people who offer properties for sale often place the actual addresses of said homes with maps leading to the places. Please don't misunderstand; it isn't as if we are moving or anything, but we have always enjoyed taking drives and looking at places that would make a nice, relaxing place to mow a yard for three or four hours a week.

We headed out Hiway 90 and picked up Hiway 87 directly through the east side of town, through China Grove and into La Vernia. Cute place. My wife was Facebook'ing our trip (how modern are we?) and one of her friends who lives there offered dining selections for the local area.
Anyway, we liked the look of La Vernia but had a hankerin to check out some properties in Floresville, just across the way down Hiway 97. And this was where we saw some really spectacular views. The weather here got really crappy the past few days (including a little potential hail damage/new roof action) but today was spectacular from the inside of a truck.
The drive along Hiway 97 was just incredible, warranting several stops along the side of the road for pictures. In fact, we saw one guy pulled over taking pictures in a primo spot, but I wasn't about to be a buttinski, so instead I took a picture of him taking pictures.

You hear a lot about the famous Bluebonnets in Texas and the project by Lady Bird Johnson to beautify the state. It must have worked out, because in addition to bluebonnets, we saw the Indian Paintbrush (do you suppose that is an offensive name for Native Americans who don't like college football mascots either?) and other varieties.
I also like trees and creeks, and we saw a few of those too. I know, not as pretty as the horses and flowers, but I always think that if I'm out in the middle of nowhere and I have to pee really bad, that creek looks pretty muddy as it is, so, why not?
When we got to Floresville, we decided to take a drive into the downtown area and even considered lunch at the White House Cafe, but it was closed. (Sorry RB, we'll get there sooner or later.) We were so happy with Cow Camp BBQ from a few weeks ago, that we ate there again.
On our ride out along Hiway 181 back to San Antonio, we stopped into a few ranch sub-divisions. Shannon Ridge and Bentwood. These are a few pictures we took in Bentwood. Good stuff.

In the end, we ate breakfast/lunch (Brunch, if you will) at around 2:30 or so. But it was a nice drive.


Jennifer M said...

Beautiful pictures. I'll have to take a trip out that way soon. I haven't explored too much in the area since moving here a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to move and start a new quiet life :)

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