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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Monday Update...Moth, Jone's Washateria, Timber Path Bridge

This is sort of weird, I guess. How do you feel about really huge moths?
We walked out the front door on Sunday to find this specimen sitting there, perched on a brick on our front patio. Moths aren’t like butterflies in my book. A butterfly, I have no problem with delicately grabbing by closed wings and inspecting. Moths like this, though extremely interesting to look at just give me the heebie-jeebies.

What are the heebie-jeebies anyway?

I usually have at least one lunch or dinner report over the weekend, but in spite of our desire to take a drive or try out a new place, I had work commitments on both Saturday and Sunday. How do you like that? I'm fine with it. My company never asks me to do any overtime and they treat me quite well, thanks. If I need to suck it up and help out, I'm cool with it. We'll see how my wife feels about it during the next several weeks. Yikes!

I don’t know why I thought of this, but years ago, probably 12 or 13 years ago, I had a web page called “The Jones Washateria Home Page” or something like that. In our old hood, there was this self service coin-operated laundry mat and it was connected to a convenience store. There were a few abandoned buildings, a long ago defunct strip-bar, and I think a tattoo parlor.

The really cool thing about it was, the guy who owned the place had his mother working in there. You could take your laundry in there, and instead of sitting there doing it yourself, the mother would wash, dry, fold and iron as if it was a dry cleaning place, but for a lot less.
I don’t want to say this was in a particularly seedy part of San Antonio, but let’s just say, you can certainly see seedy from there. If you waited long enough, you were sure to see some sort of weird action taking place. Drunken people or people on drugs were a common site – not to say that I am above drinking a 40 while folding towels, who amongst us is? But I never associated doing laundry with seeing people lock themselves into the unisex restroom to bathe and sleep.

Anyway, at the time I was trying to teach myself to do HTML (the code that many web pages run on) so I created this Jones Washateria Home Page and posted all sorts of pictures and stories about the things I saw. In a way, I guess this blog was an offshoot of that little project. Taking pictures of goofy things and leaving comments about them.
That washateria closed down several years ago, but I couldn’t help driving by on my way home from work today to see if there was any action. In spite of how the place looks now, it didn’t look a whole lot better back then, but at least there were windows made of plexi-glass so you could look inside the place and decided if the situation looked too dicey to go in or if it was safe enough to do some laundry.

Good times.
I got a text message from regular reader Anon E. Mouse who reported that the bridge at Grissom and Timber Path was now open for business. I suspect the city had read my Friday post and quietly dismissed any further delays. Thank you.

And here is a little celebratory drive across the bridge.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! We'll make it a point to drive on it when we get back from Kansas.

Anonymous said...

All that for a frigging one-lane-each-way bridge? Jeez, at least they could have made it two lanes each way! Very disappointing...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the people who bought a home there feel. Could be good for easy access but I would dislike the all the traffic

Dave said...

Yea, and speaking of the poor homeowners who didn't expect a road in their yard, I see quite a few pristine fences that will be tagged within the next week. That is a given.

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