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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lunch Report: Cow Camp Bar-B-Q in Floresville...

I am almost certain that a regular reader here sent me an e-mail suggesting we give Cow Camp Bar-B-Q in Floresville a try the next time we were in the area, but I don't recall who. Or, it could be that they suggested another place and we just ended up at Cow Camp instead. Either way, thanks for the tip, whoever you were.
An interesting thing about Cow Camp Bar-B-Q. They are located directly next door to another BBQ Place called Lazy J Bar-B-Q. They both must be pretty good because they both have been in business for a while according to our waitress.
Anyway, the inside of the place is unremarkable as BBQ places go. We liked the hardwood floor (lumber) and the coziness of it all. I don't expect you would drive all the way to Floresville for the ambiance but in case you do go, it was clean and the folks seemed friendly.
My wife ordered up a chicken plate with mac & cheese and ranch style beans. The sides were fine and she especially enjoyed the cheesy mac & cheese. We have been to quite a few BBQ places and I always find the chicken to be good tasting. This chicken was outstanding and it was so tender and juicy, something you might not expect when the chicken has been smoked for a long period of time. My wife has one rule of thumb when it comes to meats at a place like this; if it needs sauce, it isn't good. This chicken needs no sauce, but once you have established that for yourself, go ahead and throw on just a taste of the in-house made BBQ sauce. It did not overpower the beautiful chicken , but simply added wonderfully to it. By the way, if it is hard to tell in the picture, there was a half a chicken on that plate, easily enough for two people.
I went with a two meat platter testing out the brisket and the pork ribs. My sides were green beans and potato salad. Both sides were very acceptable, though I would not categorize either as the best I have had. I did like the fact that the potato salad did not have too much of a pickle taste to it, and in fact it was very creamy and good. The brisket was fantastic. Again, no sauce required. There was a hint of smoke but not overwhelming in any fashion. The pork ribs were simply awesome. Assuming our visit was not some sort of fluke, these are among the best pork ribs I have had in the area. With or without the house sauce, they were cooked to perfection and the taste was just outstanding.
The portions were very generous and the price was standard for what you would expect at any BBQ place. We filled a take-away box with half the chicken, several ribs and a smidgen of brisket. But I couldn't bare to let the bread and pickles and onions and sauce go to waste, so I did what comes natural.
Of course, it would be rude to drive all the way to Floresville and not get some apple and peach cobbler to take home. Both desserts were very good.
If you happen be in the area or just feel like a nice drive to Floresville, stay on 181 and head in to Cow Camp Bar-B-Q for a seriously Tasty Treat.

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RB said...

Now you are in my old stompin' grounds! I lived in Floresville the entire time I was working on the hill. Love CowCamp and Lazy J! Have you ever made it in town and eaten at the White House cafe? The bldg is quite historic and if Rudy is there he's got some great stories!

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