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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Report: Texting, Birthday, Construction, Food..

Is it Friday already?

It isn’t that I have so much spare time on my hands, but I did read a book this week. I was catching up on things over at Jeff Kay’s WSVR and he had a link to a new book by Jason Mulgrew. Mulgrew is a successful blogger (though I admit, I had never heard of him or visited his blog) but reading the first few pages of the book on Amazon gave me a giggle. If you are between 15 and 25 or you are from Philly, or you are an immature 46 year-old, you might find the book entertaining.

What is the deal with people driving and texting? My wife nearly got creamed by some idiot in the HEB parking lot the other day because he was looking down at his phone and texting while simultaneously driving through the intersection. He probably is still reading his e-mail and has no idea how close he was to requiring a surgical procedure to have her shoe removed from his ass.

On the other hand, I have become more proficient with my own use of the Blackberry. I have actually been posting pictures and comments on my Facebook page, since, like this blog, I had been very neglectful, so at least I’m doing that. Unless you are driving around and texting, who has time for all this stuff?

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but a few weeks ago, we watched the full Band of Brothers mini-series and loved it. So now, we have been DVR’ing The Pacific, another series from Tom Hanks about WWII. I only mention this because, unlike Band of Brothers, both my wife and I seem to be getting a lot of Blackberry time while watching. Is that a polite way of saying we might not watch the entire thing? I feel almost unpatriotic by confessing such a thing, but really, it just isn’t that good.

Are you like me when it comes to road construction? I don’t really have a problem with construction in general – I mean, it has to happen for things to improve. My complaint is when they are basically done with a project but refuse to finish the last little touches, purposely to piss me off.
Take the bridge at Timber Path and Grissom. By any reasoned observation, this bridge has been ready for traffic for a few weeks. And, it is as if all work has come to a halt because maybe someone wants to have a ceremony or something to open it up. Screw that. Open the damn bridge. I don’t mean to be testy, but seriously, you just know it is something ridiculous holding up progress.

Like if you go to a restaurant and order, then ten minutes later you see your food sitting on the counter. The cook has rung his little bell to alert the waitress, but the waitress is sitting there yacking with someone or texting her friends. Bitch, get my vittles!

Sorry, I don’t really talk like that to waitresses or women in general, but that stupid bridge at Timber Path is just waiting for me to drive across and some goofy person is yacking on a cell phone or something like that, and I am not pleased.

Here is an interesting little fact you may not know. Last weekend, our little dog Panda started barking and generally freaking out around 2 or 3 in the morning. Just so you’ll know, the bigger dog, Gracie, maintained her position, quietly snoring as if there was no cause for concern. Jolted out of a sound sleep, I got up and followed Panda to a balcony that overlooks our front yard and looked for anything of a suspicious nature. I concluded that she was probably having a bad dream and told her to go back to bed.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the first day my wife drove her truck since Friday, and she had found that some culprit had opened her vehicle, rummaged through the glove compartment and such, and stole a CD case containing a number of CD’s. Of course, we broke the two golden rules of making it easy for crooks; first we left the truck unlocked and second, we left something in the unlocked vehicle that someone might want to steal. We now surmise that Panda was being a good guard dog and probably made the thief skedaddle.

Oh, and upon hearing of this incident, my daughter suggested that we continue to leave the truck unlocked and the thieves, upon realizing what a collection of duds they had stolen would surely return the CD case and all the contents.

You do have to wonder what makes a person risk getting shot for such little booty. I don’t think I’m a vengeful person, but I confess to having high-fived more than once upon hearing about people getting shot while trying to do something stupid. Queue the 10PM news and the crying mother, “He was such a good boy; he had only been arrested a few times before. They didn’t have to shoot him over a bunch of crappy CD’s.

High-five to that!

Speaking of people I would like to shoot... Does anyone know what CJBanks is? About a month ago, I started receiving a daily Spam message from this CJBanks. Of course, Thunderbird flags it as junk mail and I delete it without reading it, but I have never had a single spammer so consistent in their efforts to have me click on them. I wonder if someone is trying to give me a hint! Whatever.
And speaking of people who should go to jail, what do you make of this? I was driving down Tezel the other day and noticed that someone had been "pulled over". I'm guessing they weren't just selling tickets to the policeman's ball.
Have you ever come across someone dead in a parking lot? We were at HEB and there was a guy passed out in his car. He looked fairly dead and in fact, my wife started to smell that smell when people begin to sit there for a while waiting for the CSI's. Anyway, I decided to honk the horn and see if he would move. I did but he failed to respond at all. So naturally, you would think that we would immediately proceed to call 9-1-1 or try to perform CPR. We made the better choice of mentioning the dead guy to the 16 year-old kid collecting shopping carts. When we came back outside after shopping, the dead guy and his car were both gone.

Did I mention that Saturday is my wife’s birthday? I’m thinking a trip to HEB for something nice is in order. If the weather works out, I just might let her take a few laps with my new John Deere this weekend. Am I the thoughtful husband, or what?
Of course, our neighbors are far more original than I am, and they took us out Friday afternoon to Texas Road House to celebrate the big day. I shan't boor you with pictures of the plates of food on the table - you know how we feel about TRH already. And of course, they made the birthday girl ride the child's booster chair/saddle. Caution, a ride like that could cause a wardrobe malfunction.
But this is something you don't see everyday. Yes, that is a full tray of someone's dinner on the ground. And I witnessed the entire spectacle. Unlike that time we were at Bennigan's and we witnessed an unruly child knock a tray of drinks from a waitress, today, this was a self-inflicted stumble that resulted in juicy, delicious, slightly overcooked steak landing on the floor. I feel so bad for the waitress, but not bad enough to resist sharing this picture.

And there you have it. I think I'm ready to commence the weekend, though I have a whole lot of work and birthday action to take care of, I do hope to visit some of the regular Blogs and catch up on things.

If you have anything good to report - like shooting thieves, birthdays or spilling trays of food, why not leave a comment by clicking on the button below?


Albatross said...

Someone once busted out the rear window of my car to steal the speakers. They couldn't get them out because I had bolted them to metal braces in the package shelf. Then they tried to get the stereo out. Same story, too securely mounted to easily remove. So they just stole all of my cassette tapes.

And left me with a busted window.

In January.


Dave said...

Man, that is cold.

Anonymous said...

Eva says :)

This is why I never let you take pictures of me there always boob shots.OMG Dave ... I should kill you.. But I must admit after a few adult beverages I was an easy target ..So I will let this one slide dear...

Deb said...

Pshaw, Eva. Women are paying big bucks to get what God gave you. Also, you wear them well, birthday girl. :)

Years ago, I had my truck window busted open while I was at Freidrich Park. Of course, there was nothing in my vehicle worth stealing, but it cost a ton to fix that window. Ironically, that was one of the few times I ever locked my truck. Now I leave it open all the time.

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