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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Notes: Timber Path and BK...

I'll make an attempt to catch up at some point in time, but I don't think it will be any time soon. My routine of trying to make at least one blog entry per day has fallen by the wayside in favor of attempts to at least visit and comment on some of my favorite blogs during the week, and just maybe a few notes here on the weekend. Not to worry; all this business of being busy has to come to an end some time.

And for you conspiracy theorists: no, I am not doing community service! Geeze!
How's this for an enthusiastic update: The bridge at Timber Path and Grissom should be done sometime soon. I say should be, but that could mean months.

We did something really stupid this evening. My wife and I both did some volunteer work. I could leave it at that and it would be the truth, but in fairness, my wife did about 10 hours of volunteer work and I did about 45 minutes worth. And really, it wasn't stupid.

Anyway, it was close to 7PM and we were hungry and with it being Friday and all, we decided to hit someplace convenient for some fish. I suggested Bill Millers, but she suggested Mr. Cod. Yes, that Mr. Cod. When we got to the intersection of Grissom and Timber Path, we could see that Mr. Cod, Bill Millers What-a-Burger and even Pizza Hut were all packed. Yes, I realize that Pizza Hut doesn't serve fish, even on Fridays during Lent, but the point being that all the places to eat were full.
So we went to Burger King.

I should tell you upfront that in the Ginger vs. Mary Ann game, I'm with Mary Ann. In the Burger King vs. McDonald's game, I'm with 'Donald. So even though my instincts told me to go into McDonald's, I didn't want to cross traffic, and I just assumed they would be completely packed like all the other fish serving restaurants on a Friday night in Lent. I took the easy route and pulled into BK seeing only three vehicles in the drive-thru, but almost nobody in the lobby.
Of course, I thought going inside the empty lobby would be a lot more romantic for my wife, so I parked and we went in. She appreciates me for the small things I do.

There was one lady in line in front of us and she very well may have been ordering for an hour before we got there for all I know. It was really a slow process. A Spanish only speaker, she seemed to be needing a translation of everything on the menu. In fairness, I know that sometimes when I go to a Mexican restaurant, I need help with the menu. Let's see, Huevos con Bacon, Huevos con sausage, Huevos con lingua, Huevos con frijoles. I often have to ask the waitress if they have anything with eggs. I just wanted to scream, "POINT TO THE PICTURE OF WHAT YOU WANT!" But I didn't.

We did finally order and within the time that we got our drinks and a seat, the lady who had taken so long to order got her food and was out the door. Fully ten minutes later, they called our number and our order was ready. I guess it makes sense that you would cook the fish to order on a Friday night during Lent in San Antonio TX, but who would have thought you had to go catch it, fillet it, bread it, freeze it, ship it, and then cook it?

Be honest. Do I sound a little cranky?
The onion rings at BK leave a disturbing aftertaste. My wife ordered them, not me, but she forced me to eat some just to be polite. If it isn't too late, I finally have decided to give something up for Lent. Fair enough?
So we get the fish sammiches and the buns look pretty good, and I guess even the plank'o'fish was okay looking. There was some lettuce and a slight smattering of tartar sauce. A smattering is the opposite of a slathering in my book. So with pictures taken, I commenced to wolf down my BK Fish while it was still hot.
My wife on the other hand took one bite of her's and basically gave me the "Oh, Hell No" look that she is prone to give when things aren't correct. She marched back up to the counter and returned with Dixie cups full of additional condiments including a full tomato, sliced. Let's just say, she had it her way. meanwhile, I ate a Junior Whopper while she added some tarter sauce to her fish and tomato sandwich.

While we were eating, one of the managers called out a number for someone who had come in after us. We were the only people in the lobby, but in the play area just beyond the main lobby, there was a guy talking on the phone as his kids played. So, when the lady called the number and looked at me, I gave the universal sign for, "Not Me" by taking a bite of my sandwich. In my mind, and I admit, I might just be smarter than at least 25 percent of the people in this country - only the census will tell me for sure - but if there are only two tables with customer in the store and one of the tables has people eating, the order that is up must belong to the other table. Is my math right on this?

The manager called the number a few more times but the people who were eating (us) didn't respond and the people who were seated at the table in the play area didn't notice so the manager just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh well, I called the number."

That explains the empty lobby on a Friday night. Meanwhile, the trickle of cars in the drive-thru caused such a back-up that they had to ask customers to pull around to the front door. An employee would walk the food out of the store into the parking lot for a drive-thru customer, but the manager of the place couldn't walk the tray of food 30 feet to the guy waiting in the play area in the lobby.

Did I mention that I am a big fan of that new show, Undercover Boss? My only complaint with that show is that they do not fire incompetent people on film. In fact, in real life, that is the only place you can be caught in the act of being terrible at your job and NOT be fired. I guess they figure the chance of a lawsuit just isn't worth it. Regardless, the Burger King Undercover Boss needs to visit the BK on Tezel Rd, 'cause I sure as hell never will again.


Lora said...

I'm trying to remember if there is a Church's Fried Chicken in that area. I have to say that Church's has some goooood fish right now. I usually pass up their chicken cause the breast is so small but during Lent I hit them for fish several times a week. And look forward to the return of fish.

Dave said...

Yea. We actually drove right past that Church's as I was saying I bet they have some fish there. Our mistake.

By the way, there is only one Church's in all of San Antonio to buy chicken from, and that is the one on Castroville Road and Balboa, just near the intersection of Gen McMullen by Las Palmas. For some reason, they have the best Church's ever!

brenty said...

Mr. COD!!!!?

Anonymous said...

If you go to Mr. Cod, the HEB at Grissom & Tezel has 2 for 1 coupons on the back of their register receipts.

Dave said...

Mr. COD!!!!?

Hey, it is Lent. Any port in a storm...

Deep Forest said...

Your first red flag @ BK should have been the three cars in the parking lot. I've been to THAT BK and I'm trying not to hurl while typing this. Sometimes it's best to go down with the ship.

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