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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Way We Were...

This is an awesome video put together by our HOA back in 1993. It was originally given to local Realtors so they could show potential home buyers.

Locals may recognize the voice on the video as Bob Salter, former KENS-5 and KSAT-12 anchor. I was told by a former board member familiar with the video that Mr. Salter used to land his airplane on a dirt runway nearby. I assume he has moved out of the hood, now that we don't have a private airstrip!

Anyway, for locals, this may be a nice nostalgic look at the recent past. For folks visiting from other parts, there is some interesting, though dated information about our city.

Hope you enjoy!


Keith Alan K said...

Bob Salter!!!
Right after he got let go from his station, he and Greg Simmons were at a private party my band was playing at a tiny airfield in New Braunfels or Seguin or some such.
Salter was drunk as a lemur and while the band played he climbed into a Piper Cub and was moving the elevators and rudder in time to the music.
Simmons has a BIG butt.

Lora said...

The only dirt runway close to you that I know of was near 90. Not sure if its still there or just houses now. Enjoyed the video had never seen it before.

Dave said...

The only dirt runway close to you that I know of was near 90.

Supposedly, the dirt runway was an open field which is no longer open. I don't have the exact location - perhaps a reader will fill us in.

Four Dinners said...

There's a BBQ! What's not to enjoy???

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

That's a really neat video.

Tony L.

brenty said...

Here since 83 brought back memories. Hey, what ever happened to Bob Salter? And Albert Flores?

Anonymous said...

Nice video but I didn't recognize anyone. I love living here!!

Karen said...

I had never seen this video! We've lived in the same spot since 1986 and I recognized a few people in the video: Jim, Andy, Kathy...

The dirt strip you refer to was actually Westside Airpark, near 90 and 410. My husband and I took flying lessons out there and Bob Salter flew his "ultrablight" from there. I think he got hung up in the powerlines there once, too, but that's hearsay.

Thanks for sharing the memories, Dave!

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