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Monday, February 15, 2010

Trip Report: Bigfoot, TX...

My wife will no doubt brag to the ladies at work about how her loving husband took her for a romantic drive to Bigfoot, Texas on Sunday. Nothing says romance like a drive down the road to look at a town named after a guy with enormous extremities. I understand there is a town called Beer Belly, not too far from these parts, though we've not found a romantic holiday fitting for such a drive.

At any rate, we were actually on our way to HEB Plus from a visit to my mother-in-law's house when at the last moment, I turned toward Atascosa on Loop 1604 instead of toward Potranco.
Several small towns and several seriously scary back roads later, I recalled the fact that I had heard of, but had never been to a small spot on the map called Bigfoot. Amazingly, the British lady on Garmin knew exactly how to get there.
I've mentioned this before, but if you ever want to get really out in the middle of nowhere, it is only about a twenty minute drive from anywhere in San Antonio. You can drive for miles and see nothing but cows and the occasional passing truck with a driver offering a friendly wave, hand never leaving the top of his steering wheel. Even when the land appears dry and brown, there is something beautiful about looking out over the pastures and seeing a whole lot of nothing. If they could just get rid of all the snakes, scorpions, bugs, varmints, and mosquitoes; we'd move tomorrow.

I had this idea that Bigfoot Wallace was a character in the movie Lonesome Dove or perhaps one of the prequels or sequels, but I couldn't seem to find a quick reference to him via a cursory review of my Google.

What we do know is that William Alexander Anderson Wallace had some big-ass feet. And he told some tall tales.
The town itself is very small. There is a huge tree which splits the main road entering and thankfully, they have barrels protecting it from late night drivers. It has to be enormously dark out there once the sun goes down. Luckily, there is a fire department in case someone hits the tree.
Need to send a postcard? They have a post office. Seriously, I'm thinking of starting a blog called Bigfoot 78005. Okay, maybe not.
There is a small museum which is open the second Saturday of each month. I think I'd like to go back and just see what they might offer inside. Perhaps some old shoes.

Unfortunately, there was not a restaurant within the city limits so I don't have much more to report. Good drive; Ya ought to check it out sometime.



don't you just love the names of some of the towns in texas?

Four Dinners said...

I'm beginning to think I'm living in the wrong country in the wrong time.

Having said that I only take size 8's (UK sizes).

So maybe not....;-)

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