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Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Report

Saturday we made our annual trip to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to walk the grounds and shop the various booths set-up for the event. Of course, since we do this every year, I'm certain I have written about it before, so I'll just share a few items that stood out this time around and suggest you hit the Flickr Page for more pictures if you can't make it out to the rodeo yourself.
One of the highlights for us is going through the various lines to collect free samples. Really, this is like going to the HEB Plus, but doing it outside! And of course, the lines are a little longer.
These days professional rodeo riders actually wear helmets for safety and now, the sample tables have all lawyered-up and place warning signs on even the most obvious of samples. Seriously, how did our forefathers make it from the East Coast to California without all the warning labels?
As you walk around the grounds, you will see it packed wall to wall with people of all sizes, shapes and manner of dress, though mostly people are dressed with a ranch and cowboy theme. Of course, there was this one guy...
Oh, and this lady was just coming from a meeting of the local PETA group.
My wife alerted me to this horrific sight. Turns out Sponge Bob Square Crack is in training to be a plumber.
And when you really have an appetite for food... there are plenty of exciting food options. Fried Ice Cream, Chicken Fried Bacon? Yum!
But since Valentines Day is tomorrow, we stuck with something a little more traditional for the day; chocolate dipped strawberries.

Have you been able to get to the rodeo with all the crappy weather this week? We'd love to know if you saw anything worth sharing with the group. Use the comments button below and do tell!


AlanDP said...

Thank G-d! I would have never known peanut butter and honey roasted peanuts contain *gasp* PEANUTS if it hadn't been for those signs!

Sabra said...

I was planning on seeing the Casey Donahew Band this past Thursday with Bobbie (the oldest), but the heavy rain put paid to that idea. Hopefully we can go this coming week. I remember the chicken fried bacon from last year; I regret not trying it. Do they have the Hot Beef Sundae this year?

Anonymous said...

Did that guy have a Sponge Bob backpack... or was that a big fanny pack he was sporting? Hehehehe! Cracked me up! Gross! There oughta be a law against that! Yeesch!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm Sponge bob was a girl ...

Deep Forest said...

So Dave....is that the "crack of doom" we've all heard about ???

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