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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Fangled Devices: We Have the CrackBerry...

It isn't that we are complete morons or that we have never seen any sort of special technological innovations beyond the electronic drip coffee maker or the dishwasher with special Sani-Rinse feature; we stay up on these types of things and in fact...
We have the latest in special gadgets for the TV, like this convenient multi-device remote control.

But yesterday when we walked out of the Verizon Store with new BlackBerry Storm II's, both my wife and I felt less like brain surgeons and more like idiots.
I for one would like to point out that it was me who figured out to turn my wife's BlackBerry back on when she some how inadvertently turned it off. Of course, it was her who showed me how to actually answer the phone when it rang.

It isn't that everything is so complicated and tricky, the real truth is, I have a hard enough time typing on a regular keyboard. Now, they want me to compress it all down to a tiny little screen where, let's be honest, the single press of a finger covers at least three different possible letters.

And the worst part was, there was a feature somehow turned on that made the BlackBerry predict what it thought I was trying to type with my fat fingers. It refused, REFUSED to let me spell the last name of a person on my contact list. The person's last name starts with the letters KO. BlackBerry would prefer that the last name start with LI. Thankfully, my friends at the Internet helped me fix that little Predict function.

I see people casually picking up their BlackBerrys and other PDAs and they are able to calmly and casually pick up the phone, click a few buttons and then simply set the phone down and resume a conversation without missing a beat. I envy those people. My wife was literally on the phone getting step-by-step instructions from my son on how to download WeatherBug. Can you imagine us trying to text and drive? I just don't see it happening.

I want to be like the person who is able to pick up the phone, record video of a fat, awkwardly dressed middle-aged man at Wal Mart, and upload it to YouTube, and pick up a dozen eggs without the slightest effort. At least I suspect that is what people are doing each time I go into Wal Mart and the camera phones start popping up.

Who knows, in no time I'll be making blog entries from the BlackBerry. You'll be able to see pictures of greasy hamburgers and fried catfish nuggets even before they have been tossed down my gullet! It's 2010 my friends, and we have arrived!

I Love Technology!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered Facebook! It's a license to see into people's lives and read their thoughts!! How fun is that? I know when someone is bored or angry and who got Valentines and kisses and who needs sheep or fertilizer to finish their farm! My butt is going to get much bigger than it already is by sitting here for hours. I have to get a life! Argh!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love technology too! I just bought a fancy slider phone for our son. He thinks he is all hot stuff now. LOL.

Four Dinners said...

I love technology but, sadly, technology absolutely hates me.

My mobiley is a brick. I make calls and take calls and that's it.

If I had anything more technical I would inadvertantly destroy it within an hour.

Even my pc drive starts to make worried noises when I turn it on!

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