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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinner Report: The TRH Valentines Deal...

I got home from work this afternoon and my wife was ready for some steak. When I suggested we go to Ruby Tuesday, Cheddar's or Longhorn, she just gave me a look. You know she is a huge fan of the Texas Roadhouse, and I certainly don't mind their catfish, ribs and baked potatoes. So, we called ahead and made it there before any real traffic developed.

I'll skip all the rehash of the standard TRH fare since I've told you about the place and why we like it a few times before. But this weekend, they are running some sort of Valentines Special where you get an appetizer and two entrees for $29.95 or something like that.

We plan to hit the rodeo this weekend and I think it is safe to say we will not need to get the customary blossomed onion. You really can only take so much, and mark this day on your calendar: I think I am seriously done with the whole deep fried onion presented as a blossom. I'm gonna stick with onion rings, onion petals, and grilled onions. But the blossom just doesn't do it for me any more.
For my entree, I went with the ribs I was craving, and it happened to also come with a hunk of chicken slathered in barbecue sauce. Whatever. I love chicken but I learned a long time ago, TRH is not the best place to get it. The ribs are good though. I'm not on a diet or anything, but I ate the ribs, a few bites of the awesome house salad, and the aforementioned onion, and the rest went right into the Styrofoam box.
My wife went double on her normal steak. She usually goes for the 6 oz Sirloin but the entree tonight featured the 12 oz Fort Worth Ribeye. Our waitress 'Roni (she is only two syllables away) and I convinced her to try it medium instead of medium-well. As of tonight, I think we have another convert willing to eat steak the way it should be; not burnt to an unsatisfying crisp. It was seriously good. And of course I had some.

As we were winding down waiting for "two syllables" to make her way to our table with the check, we took a breather to watch some entertainment we had never seen before. It wasn't anyones birthday, they just decided to get a bunch of waitresses and start dancing to Travis Tritt. I guess.
When the waitress finally arrived with the check, I only looked at the total so I could figure a tip and just handed her my card. But then it donned on me that if dinner was $29.95, add in a few bucks for our drinks and some tax, how did it get to be $45.00 before the tip?

We asked a passing waitress to clarify the $29 special and before I could even think twice, a manager was over at the table making everything right. And I love that about TRH. We always have good food (don't order the chicken), and by far, more often than not we have outstanding service (okay, tonight wasn't that great), and we just feel comfortable with the place.

Tomorrow: Rodeo. My wife needs new boots and we need a new closet to store all the new boots she keeps buying.



the only time i've been there they made the mistake of putting me under and a little to the right of a huge picture of both the bushes..i had a stroke..raised so much hell, they had to move us..granddaughters graduation..so moving us was moving like 15 people..didn't care..wasnt going to look at those 2 assholes for an entire meal...

Michelle said...

The last few times my husband and I have been to the Roadhouse we have been disappointed. Of course, this was here in Killeen where most of the chain restaurants stink. Usually when we are in San Antonio the chain places are way better. And for the record, I will never be tired of the blossom onion. It is a thing of beauty.

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