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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner Report: DQ on Culebra...

Dairy Queen (DQ) has been around for years and you can find one in pretty much most states as far as I know, and certainly in most small towns around Texas. In bigger cities, DQ is pretty much a third choice for people looking for a fast food burger, 'Donald's and Booger King usually being more the norm, but in a small town, there is just something enjoyable about stopping in for a Dilly Bar or even a Blizzard - a shake filled with cookies or candy. I have a toothache just thinking about it.
The DQ on Culebra has been undergoing some sort of renovation project and I actually thought it was closed. But my wife reported that they had been advertising some sort of $5 deal where you get a Hunger Buster, fries, a drink and a small Blizzard. She also noted that in spite of our many trips over the years to DQ (ice cream related) she had never experienced the so-called Hunger Buster burger. Of course, we had no choice but to go and see and eat.
Note of caution: The place still smells like serious sheetrock work is taking place. Yes, it is clean and spiffy with the new tile and such, but seriously, it smells like a guy is in the booth next to you sanding the seams on the drywall so they can be painted. Give it a week or two before you go.
My wife went for the $5.00 meal and added a 60 cent slice of cheese to her Hunger Buster. The bun was fresh but I really can just imagine how it might have been made better if they had slathered on some butter and grilled the bread for a few seconds.
She went with the standard fries which were not bad and I ordered onion rings with my burger. The rings, while not appetizing in appearance were actually done right. They were not overly crunchy like they come at Burger King, yet they were not raw. I wouldn't make a special trip, but the onion rings were above average for a place like this.
Instead of the regular Hunger Buster, I had one with bacon and cheese. I think the bacon was like an additional 90 cents or so. In addition to my desire for a little toasting of the bun (which was fresh and good), I would have enjoyed mayonnaise as an option. In fact, I would have liked to really slather on a tablespoon full, just for good measure.

Overall, we were pleased. The place was clean (though apparently still under construction), the people were friendly and the food was not bad at all.


When I was growing up we were a military family and moved around until my dad retired. When he was sent to Vietnam for a year, he moved us to a small place called Temple Park which was I guess a section of Temple Terrace just outside of Tampa. My grandparents lived in Temple Terrace, and for me this was really the only time that I had during my childhood to spend time with them.

I still have fond memories of my grandfather Boppa, as we called him, taking short trips to the Dairy Queen on Gillette near Fowler Avenue. That store is no longer there, overtaken by homes and schools and such, but I recall driving down in his old Corvair or sometimes on his golf cart. My favorite treat was a Dilly Bar.

Good times.


Albatross said...

I used to love Dude (the sandwich, I mean!). But that was back when my metabolism was much higher and I needed lots of calories just to stay alive. Nowadays I'm not sure I could even finish a sandwich that featured a CHICKEN FRIED STEAK as the meat!.


our dairy queen shut down..they could never get a manager who liked kids or could work with them..and they were losing so much business...after about 4 years they tore it down and built a sonic..we're all so fecking happy ..we love sonic..but dairy queens ice cream is so much better.

Four Dinners said...

Why oh why oh why oh why do they put gherkin in a burger????

Gherkins do NOT go with burgers.

End of.

I have spoken.

Actually I would go in a thingy..er..whatchamacallit...Dairy Queen?...for the hell of it.

I see 'MacDonalds' I shudder.

I see 'Burger King' I shudder.

Whimpy are ok..they're English so it helps...

I can't DO fast food.

I have tried but being surrounded by enormously fat people just puts me off...

Deep Forest said...

I guess you missed the rancid peanuts they had on all the tables at the HOP. I told them they were bad (my Dad worked at a peanut stand at the local fair for years--I know peanuts) and they were still on the tables three weeks later when we went back for pizza. Hoo boy !!!

Deep Forest said...

The above comments should have been in the previous thread..thank you. However, while I'm here here's another HOP horror story....ordered a pepperoni pizza with 1/2 extra cheese. What we got...a half of pepperoni and a half of extra cheese served up at near room temperature. I thought pizza was supposed to be somewhat hot when served. No more HOP for me.

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