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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up With February: Notes....

This has been a whirl-wind first few weeks of February and my lack of posts to the ol’ blog is just one of the byproducts of being busy with “other stuff”. My wife can testify that I have also missed quite a bit of our standard TV and movie watching as our DVR is beginning to groan under the pressure of shows in the queue.

Of course there is always time for LOST! All things must stop so we can follow the final season. If you aren’t a fan, you simply must go to NetFlix or Blockbuster or one of those places and get it from the very beginning. ‘Nuff said.

Did I mention before that we have been watching that show on ABC called Modern Family? I love it! And this is one that you can pick-up at any point in the season because each episode stands on its own. Give it a try.

Did you know that I am color blind? I can see colors but I have a version of color blindness where certain shades just don’t register. I never knew until the folks in the military told me. Hence, I could never get a job as a telephone repairman because the tiny wires with little stripes of colors don’t always register.

Aside from the wire thing there are no other real issues with it accept that I usually can’t tell if I’m wearing black pants or blue pants until I have been at work for a few hours. And then, I usually don’t make the connection until I have had some time to evaluate the shirt and tie I am wearing. Thankfully, my wife usually checks me out before I head off to work.

This week, a co-worker of mine walked in and he was wearing two completely different shoes. I mean, not even close. One was like a highly polished fancy dress shoe and the other was suede like a hiking boot. But they were both the same color of brown, or at least to my eyes they were. Have you ever done that? I’m thinking when he tied the laces he should have noticed the difference, but he said he was probably sleep walking when he got dressed. He isn’t a drinker, so I think it was an honest mistake.
I’m not a huge fan of House of Pizza, though I know many local readers enjoy it. Last week I attended a working lunch there and I shared a Muffuletta with another person. Wow! First off, we could have easily shared half. Keep that in mind if you order one. My only issue was that the olive spread seemed to be dominated by green olives and my preference is either all black olives or at least a combination of black and green. In spite of that, I would still order and enjoy the Muffuletta at HOP again. If you have never tried one, give it a shot.
In my first post of February, I made reference to a drunk or drugged lady driving down Culebra. Upon inspection of the picture and video I took (I know – feel free to remind me that when I drive and take pictures, I’m just as bad as a drunk or a cell phone user, to which I’ll disagree) there was nothing that would show just how blasted she was. Surely I was not the only person with 9-1-1 on my mind as drivers up and down the road seemed to part waters for her. Yikes!

On a lighter note… Are you familiar with the Schwan’s guy who drives around in a truck and delivers food directly to the house? I know, a bit spendy, but we have been buying ice cream and Buffalo wings from him for years. The other day, they had a special on a frozen pizza they are promoting. My wife bought some since they were half price. I’m just not a huge fan of frozen pizza. Even though DiGornos and Red Baron have a hefty price, I still don’t find them to be that great compared to Papa Murphy’s take home pizza.
Anyway, this Schwan’s pizza, pepperoni and sausage to be exact, was AWESOME. Sorry, I only have a picture of the box since I really expected it to be crappy. Truth is, the real thing looked way better than the photo on the box. Honestly, for a frozen pizza, it was a huge hit in our house. And for lunch the next day at work.

Have you ever purchased a CD thinking it was the actual artist but turned out to be some karaoke singers? Remember how they used to have something called D.O. Music? You know, that music they played in Doctors Offices that wasn't quite the real song, but close enough to get you to hum it. Which reminds me: Was "Feelings" done originally by Morris Albert or was he a cover version? Who knows?
Anyway, we we're standing in line at HEB when my wife saw a boxed set of 80's hits. I don;t care who your are, if you aren't in the mood for "Power of Love", "Heaven is a Place on Earth", and "If You Don't Know Me by Now", then you ain't rockin', baby! Of course, you would probably expect Huey Lewis, Belinda Carlisle, and Simply Red to be doing the singing. Yea, well the Countdown Singers are not a suitable substitute, even at a mere $8.00. Frisbee, anyone?

My son's best friend and a fixture in our family since the boys were in pre-Kinder at the Lackland AFB Daycare Center, Jack "The Lego Maniac", is leaving to become an officer in the US Army in a few days. We met him for a snack at Chili's just as a pre-goodbye. We're gonna miss him, but he'll do good things flying helicopters and such.
Jack and I both tried the new Pulled Pork Sammy. I love that they went all Memphis and offered it with the slaw on the bun, but honestly, the crappy bun made the entire thing a disappointment. The Shiner Bock BBQ sauce added a nice kick to the flavor, but it could have been oh so much better had we had a fresh bun. The whole thing gives me a hankerin' for Porky J's or Augies, not necessarily in that order.

And since it looks like for the time being my posts are going to be less than daily, I’d like to ask you to do two things: First, scroll down and take note of the archives. You can read all about the restaurants and the small town visits and the goofy things my wife and I have encountered over the last two years or so simply by clicking on the month of your choice.

And while you are scrolling down, won’t you check out some of the other Bloggers I have links to? There are some entertaining and interesting folks eager to share their stories with you. Some of them are folks right here in San Antonio and others are in faraway places like West Virginia! That’s what makes the Internet so cool; we are all neighbors.

See ya when I can.


Sabra said...

My Psych professor was wearing two different shoes this past Friday. He didn't notice it until one of his students pointed it out; by the time my class rolled around he was in socks only. Really, with that as a job I'd think you could play it off!

I'm using your blog as research for where to go with my boyfriend, by the way. You perform a wonderful service. ;-)

Albatross said...

Good luck to Jack. I wish him well.

WV: "splatera" The sound a water balloon makes when it hits the sidewalk in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave thanks for the picture of the truck. What I found interesting in the picture is how proud the S.A.F.D. would be if they knew that someone with their union logo in the bottom left of their window is driving impaired. Kudos to you for the job you do.


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