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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taco Report: Mya's on Culebra near 1604...

It has been several months since a friend suggested we try some breakfast at Mya's Tex-Mex Cafe in a small little strip center on Culebra near 1604. This morning, we decided it was time to give them a shot. Glad we did.
Places that are tucked into the the center spot of a building shaped like an "L" always seem small from the outside. You just assume they are small because they only get a tiny bit of signage space.
We walked into Mya's, and both of us must have had that surprised look on our faces, seeing that it was not only full of tables, but packed with people. The place is clean, filled with waitstaff and what appeared to be lots of regulars.
My wife had a bean & cheese and a chorizo and potato, both on flour tortillas. The tortillas are packaged, but good. In fact, we had to be sure they were good, so we shared one with butter! The tacos were standard size and good.
Whenever I try a new taco place, I go with a standard order of carne guisada with cheese, chorizo and egg, and country sausage and egg. For some reason, I saw sausage and egg (minus the country) and decided to try that. Good choice. It seemed to be like a ground Jimmy Dean variety sausage and I liked it.
The chorizo and egg does not look appetizing at all, however, I assure you it was just fine. I added a little verde sauce on it for good measure. Yum.
The most important aspect of any new place for me is the status of the carne guisada. Again, on appearance alone, Mya's would not win me over. The taco just seemed skimpy (says that fat guy who orders three tacos for breakfast), but my taste buds overruled my eyes. All too often, restaurants will overdo the gravy and the cumin spice. Mya's was perfect. My wife took her fork and began taking small samples before I could defend my plate. Like me, she agreed that this was the real thing.
Oh, and best of all? Before tip our entire bill was under $10. Unbelievable. Forget the price, the tacos are good. If you live in this area and need to grab something good for breakfast, Mya's Tex-Mex Cafe on Culebra is a Tasty Treat.


Maureen said...

I don't see a taco with a "little" verde sauce. I would not be able to talk for 4 days if I ate that much verde sauce! You da man! Thanks for reviewing this spot, though, because I've been curious but I'm so afraid I'd stop at the little taco stand next door instead. I have heard they make a mean taco. And under $10--does that include coffee?

Dave said...

And under $10--does that include coffee?

We had five tacos (including extra for cheese) plus a tortilla with butter and two coffees and I forgot to mention the coffee was wonderful, for I think $9.38 + tip.

Four Dinners said...

Now why can't we get that kind of breaky over here in England???

It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!!

frankvw said...

Went here today for lunch before the games. Breakfast tacos were good with excellent prices. I think I like the tacos at Amys Taqueria Jalisciense, a few blocks down on Culebra, a little bit more (mainly because the tortillas were better/softer).

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