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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Suspicious Noise Report: I Can't Hear it Either...

I attended my neighborhood watch meeting where we are provided with a listing of the security calls that our staff makes. I read every single report just so I can know what danger lurks out there. You never know when la chupacabras could be in our midst.

I really enjoyed this call, and thought I should share with the group:
1/11/10 @ 2215 Owner called wanted me to stop by his house to listen for a noise that his wife said she was hearing. He told his wife that he did not hear any noise which is the reason why he wanted another set of ears to prove to her there was no noise. I listened for the noise she said she heard but I did not hear the said noise. End report.
I really thought I knew where this one was going; I fully expected some balloons to be involved.



Anonymous said...

Are the noises in my head bothering you? ha ha ha

Four Dinners said...

I will leave her head forthwith and find another victim...;-)

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