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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Strange at Sea Island: Hats...

I'm becoming more and more a fan of hats, though I rarely wear one myself (tub pictures notwithstanding). I'm a huge fan of that older style fedora hat warn by Sergeant Angel Batista in Dexter. You just see more folks these days embracing the fun styles beyond the regular cowboy hat or sideways worn ball cap.
Like this afternoon, we met some friends for lunch up at Sea Island, and on our way in, we noticed these cheerful fellows. I simply love that top-hat look. How fancy can you get?
Strangely enough, this more traditional skin-colored hair hat does not seem to be as popular these days.


Albatross said...

You gotta love a comb over that starts just above the ear. And I will go on to assert that such a hairstyle proves the man is manlier than most. It takes some big balls to try to pull off that look, and the presence of big balls means a lot of testosterone in the system. And we all know more testosterone means more manliness.

Therefore, awesome comb over = one manly dude.

Rock on. Don't fear the sweeper.

Dave said...

Rock on. Don't fear the sweeper.


Four Dinners said...

Yer can't beat a good pork pie!!


I love men with hats..with comb overs? not so much

Deep Forest said...

Last person I saw wearing a tall hat like that was Hoss Cartwright.....(lol)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is getting ready for the rodeo next month ....

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