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Thursday, January 7, 2010

RIP: Det. Arnulfo Chavarria...

Perhaps you could take a moment to think warm thoughts for the family of retired SAPD Detective Arnulfo Chavarria, a resident of the GNW who recently passed away.

According to the obit in the SA Express-News, "Mr. Chavarria was retired from the San Antonio Police Department after 34 years of honorable and dedicated duty as a public servant. He was also a recipient of the Purple Heart, was an Officer of the Year and received the Department of Justice & the F.B.I. Award for his duty."

I never met Mr. Chavarria but have a great deal of respect for the man. What the obituary didn't say and what insiders tell me is that Mr. Chavarria was a premiere homicide detective and mentor. He was well respected by his fellow officers and strangely enough, well respected by the criminal element he routinely made cases against.

Eva and I thank him for his service, and
to the family and friends of this fine man, we offer our condolences.

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