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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parking Report: Compact Only, I Guess...

Hey, I have seen some inconsiderate people park their cars like total jerks - take this guy from around Christmas - but today was really weird.
I was walking out of HEB and I saw this SUV pulled up behind a car, parked facing the wrong direction of traffic. At first I thought perhaps the person was waiting in the vehicle, but no, in fact, the vehicle was stopped, engine off, and no driver or passengers in the vehicle at all! WTF?

How do you explain this? Perhaps the driver of the SUV was purposely trying to block in the owner of the white mini-van and a crime spree was being halted. Who knows?

Feel free to leave your version of events in the comments section. Bonus points if the explanation involves la chupacabras, a noise that only your wife can hear, or the Wolf-Girl.


Maureen said...

You see, the SUV owner's wife HAD to stop right there, because she swore up and down she could hear the last bulb burning out in the G station's sign--which is actually the CLEANING STATION but the only letter lit up in forever has been the G--and she was wrong.....the G is alive and well. She just loves that pssssssssss noise it makes--which is coincidentally the same noise a chupacabra makes while searching for a mate.

Albatross said...

Note left by SUV driver: Out of my way! Gotta shop! I ain't got time to park. White van, you can just wait until I get back because I got some important shopping to do! Aaaaaahhhhh!

Note left by van driver: Sorry I left a big white scrape on your fender.

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