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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Drive on Culebra Today...

I was navigating through the construction up Culebra from Loop 410 this afternoon and two things caught my eye, both of which require reporting.

First up, I have let my little project of documenting all the stickers I see on the backs of vehicles go by the wayside for a while. Can someone explain why people feel the need to advertise their kid's name on the vehicle? Have these people not seen Jonathon Lithgow as the Trinity Killer in Dexter where he spies the name of a kid off the back of the family SUV, then promptly approaches the kid and calls him by name? If that scene didn't prompt you to bust out the razor blade and scrape little Henry's name off the family truckster, I don't know what else will.
But since you people continue to let us know your kid's activities, I offer you just the forum to share. I love diversity in youth activities. Not satisfied to be like all the others with their boring baseball, football, soccer and cheer-leading, young Master Henry shows his spirit as an Irish Free - Irish Dancer. I don't even know what that means, but if Henry's other sport is any indication, I suspect it involves lots of heavy drinking. Own it, Henry. Own it.

At another stop light I was very much pleased to see a little construction action going on. I am glad to report that the stereotype of three construction workers standing around watching one guy work is not true here in San Antonio.
Instead we have three guys working and one guy doing the watching. And I know exactly what you are thinking; can't teach a white guy to do anything but supervise.

Someday this construction's gonna end...


Four Dinners said...

It is with considerable regret that I must advise you that I have been working my way through 'new' blog posts and have finally arrived here after copious amounts of vodka.

I have no idea what is going on here, let alone there.

I will return sober(ish) tomorrow.

G'night from England @ 01:10


Dave said...

Enjoy your sleep, mate! Let me guess, you must have been bowling or doing that Irish Free Dance...

Albatross said...

Is the dance free of Irish people, or are the Irish people finally free, so let's dance? Or are the Irish imprisoned, and the only thing that can free them is a dance done by other Irish people?

I. Am. Genuinely. Curious.

Four Dinners said...

I have arrived back again!!!

er...oops....pissed again...;-)

Hey!!! I like supervising!!! It means you don't do the 'W' word!!!

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