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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunch Report: San Antonio Burger Co....

It could have been so much more wonderful. Exactly what my wife and I thought about San Antonio Burger Co located on Fred Road in the Medical Center.
Please don't confuse this SA Burger with the SA Burger on the city's south side. If they are related, it wasn't obvious.
When we first walked in, it was clear the place is very clean, it is bright and there is plenty of seating. And it was nice to see that as customers left, the guy who took our order was Johnny on the Spot with cleaning the tables with disinfectant (409, I think). You know how you go into some places and you just wonder if they just rubbed a dirty cloth over the table? Not here; I saw it with my own eyes.

There are several folks out there claiming that this place has the Best Burgers in San Antonio. Well of course, we know it can't be true (Insert subliminal message about Lord's Kitchen here), but if the claim is being made, my wife and I needed to check it out - you know - just in case.
I do like how they offer you a choice of bun's for your burgers. That tells you they are serious about the whole thing.
My wife ordered the cheeseburger combo. She upgrade her fries to the sweet potato variety. At first they looked a little "well done", but they were fine. You'll notice the fresh fixin's on the bun but it was a little weird that the 100% Angus patty stuck to the top of the bun as if the cheese was Spackle.
Oh, and speaking of the sweet potato fries, have you ever noticed how people get visions of Jesus or the Virgen de Guadalupe on their toast and such? Well my wife got a sign from above in her fries.
I had to go with the Big San Antonio Burger on wheat along with regular fries, which were the standard McD. type fries; no crosses or other religious images.
It is big - two Angus patties on a bun with all the regular stuff - pickles, lettuce , tomato, plus they toss on some good bacon and grilled jalapenos. Yum. The only problem with the entire set-up is the frozen HEB-style patties.

You just have to wonder why someone goes all out on building a perfect platform for a wonderful burger, then cuts it short and opts for the frozen, way over cooked burgers. Seriously, I'd be happy to go there, bring my own freshly ground beef patty, seasoned just so and grilled at home and ask them to put it on their bun. I know it costs more to do it fresh, but for what they charge (my combo meal was $10), c'mon!

All is not lost. The fact is, it was really good in spite of the meat they used. I am not so snooty that I can't be bothered with a frozen patty, my only point is that SA Burger could have been so much better.
Very clean, friendly staff, great buns and quality fixin's make SA Burger a Tasty Treat. Give them a shot.



come to west, texas and have a bacon cheeseburger at the West Pizza House..they also make a fantastic zomibie pizza, and you'll love the skunk egg.come down for westfest..they have a thing called pork on a stick that is to die for.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh this review reminds me of many a woman I had met during my dating years....clean, friendly,great buns... but could have been so much better.....(sigh)

Dave said...

Ahhh this review reminds me of many a woman I had met during my dating years

That is funny!

Albatross said...

Heh heh heh. Sure gave me a chuckle!

Deep Forest said...

I find that the frozen burgers I get from Sam's to be the same type, better quality and they don't have the fake charcoal taste to them. I'm just wonderin' if they're prepared with ammonia like some of the fast food chains are using to control the ecoli bacteria. AMMONIA !!! That's gross..

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