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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The HEB Conspiracy: Blueberry Activia...

I hope you won't write me off as a nut here, but seriously, I think HEB is deeply involved in a conspiracy to keep me from eating the blueberry flavored Activia that I like.

Oh, cease with your giggles about Activia and the regular performance it motivates in people. Hell, if you shoveled as many cheeseburgers, tacos and nuggets of catfish down your gullet as I do, you'd probably want at least something healthy in the mix. The fact is though, I like blueberry flavored Activia just for the taste of it.

And this is the problem. Apparently, so does everyone else.

The last several times we have gone to HEB in order for me to purchase my weekly requirement, it turns out they have every flavor but the blueberry Activia prominently displayed. Seriously, who eats prune flavored Activia? Yet, some stockboy is loading up the section normally reserved for the blueberry with the prunes. Ugh!
Thankfully, my wife was able to rummage around the back of the shelves and pull out a four-pack of blueberry. That'll get me through Thursday. C'mon HEB people. Get it together! This could turn into a real situation, if you know what I mean.


Maureen said...

You have a lovely and brave wife.....I would never stick my arm that far into ANYWHERE if I can't see back there. Oh no way! Nice to know the activia does the job, though.

Four Dinners said...

It's allright for you!!!!

I drink Activia and we ain't even got 'blueberry' in England!!!

Not on the shelves. Nil. Sod all.

I will register a complaint.

Maureen said...

I thought of you this evening at Super Target as I was moving over the PILE of blueberry Activia to get to my favorite, the Vanilla. Plus, the expiration date was March! HEB never seems to have yogurt dates much longer than a month--sometimes much less. Just sayin'. And yes, I'll eat it long before March arrives, but I like my stuff fresh, that's all.

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