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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Notes: Busy, Busy, Busy...

I apologize for not having a moment or two to post this week and in fact, I've been slacking for a while now. My goal has been to try to knock-out at least a post per day if only so I can say I did it. Obviously, that hasn't happened. I have been overwhelmed - just ask my wife - with extracurricular activities. No, nothing like Tiger Woods; but doing things related to the HOA, our newspaper and our web page. Things ought to ease up and I can get back to shoving vittles down the gullet and reporting the details here along with the occasional picture of goofy things encountered out and about.

For now, I'll just update you fine folks on some things that happened this week.


First, the other day I went to go help a lady in our neighborhood who had a stray dog sitting her her garage. Her husband was at work and couldn't get away so I was happy to go and help. The poor woman was nervous because she was pregnant, had some little kids there and a huge dog over her own, and had no idea why this dog decided to come sit in her garage.

Short story even shorter, I walked up, whistled for the dog then walked to the front door and knocked on it. As the lady answered the door, I asked her to push the button on her garage door opener when the dog walked out. Simple as that.
This poor dog looked so lost and helpless. I swear, if we didn't already have two at our house, I would have taken this one home. The lady had already called Animal Care Services. I sure hope someone recognized the pup. No collar leads me to suspect it was dumped, which sadly seems to be pretty common in our area. Bastards just assume that if they drop off their dogs in our neighborhood, they'll end up in a good home. Sure, our doggy neighbor Henry is proof of that, but more often than not, the dogs go to the pound and never make it out. I don't mean to get all Bob Barker on you, but geeze folks, Spay and Neuter your pets.

On to better topics.


You've heard about this whole Haiti earthquake thing. My daughter is an Air Force med-tech in New Jersey and she is working non-stop this weekend to handle the flow of Haitian refugees that have already arrived via our military airlift. I suspect similar activity is happening at military bases all over the US and elsewhere.

And my son e-mailed me a minute or two after experiencing his very first earthquake in OKC this morning. 4.0 according to the people who track that sort of thing.
I know some of you are Letterman fans (I used to be) and many of you can't wait for Leno to return to the Tonight Show (I can live with it), but honestly, wherever he ends up, I'm with COCO.


We stopped in to grab some vittles over at the Cheddar's on 410 near Military the other day. We've had good luck there and this visit was no different. In fact, we walked in the door just at 5PM and got seated without wait. We had an awesome server and our food came out incredibly fast. No complaints at all!
I did want to show you two things. First, several off my wife's friends have reported that she needed to try a Cheddar's specialty drink called a "Pain Killer". She did. And then the pain was gone. Can't you tell by the expression?
Also, I am trying something new every time we go, and I had the Key West Grilled Chicken and Shrimp with some sort of bourbon dipping sauce. Our waitress would not divulge the recipe, but it was wonderful. The grilled shrimp were out of this world good. The chicken was good but I think even 20 more seconds on the grill (or microwave) and it would have been a tad bit dry. But that dipping sauce did the trick. Yummy stuff.

When we waddled out, the lobby was packed with people waiting for a table. So now you know. Don't go after 5PM.


San Antonio has been getting a solid drenching this Friday. Please people; just stay home. Seriously. This morning I was driving down Culebra on my way to work and some idiot was driving 20 miles an hour. I'm not talking torrential downpour, I'm talking a slow steady drizzle worthy of the wipers on the longest delay. I'm all for safe distances, cautious driving and the whole thing, but if your safe driving makes everyone else want to run you off the road, you might take the bus instead.


Apparently, this was retro week or flashback week or wayback week or something like that on Facebook. I'm sorry to those of you that have become friends with me on Facebook and notice that I never get on there.
But I did go ahead and post a picture. This is me about 60 pounds and 30 years ago! That is way, way, way back!

And I'll leave you with that soothing hairstyle and wish you a fine weekend.


Four Dinners said...

'extracurricular activities'...now come on and tell the truth...Tiger got hit over the head with a golf club for not telling the truth....;-)

What???? You didn't take in that gorgeous hound????

...and I thought I liked you. Disgraceful behaviour.

That is one...er...different?...haircut.

You are avery brave to admit to it.

I am full of admiration for you.

Have you had counselling?...;-)

Anonymous said...

.........nice dog..i sure hope some one got him...he had a good coat on him...oh and by the way...your hair looks great..glad you didnt have a mullet...


i am a letterman fan and can't stand leno..wish conan would stay..leno is a spoilt brat..
we are getting rain but not as much as you guys..we need it.
poor doggie..
im on facebook too, i stuck up my retro picture and it just makes me sad...66 looking back at me at 24 is really sad..im jacque denney on face book..wanna be friends.?

Anonymous said...

Come on... I told you NOT to post that pic I was not only on Motrin but tired and thirsty .. Also 60 lbs I beg to differ mister ... that why I posted a baby one haha

Albatross said...

That's some goooood hair. I, too, am blessed with big hair that tends to grow out rather than down. I've tried to grow my hair long before, but it really never worked out.

Deep Forest said...

I use to watch Letterman but he's turned into a bitter old man and to me Leno's not funny. Conan O'brien I can take for awhile but then he gets "drifty"..needless to say I don't watch much of the late night talk shows...they've really gotten bad over the last ten years.

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