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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Evening Snack Report: Sporting News Grill on 151...

We had to make a short run to Wal-Mart in Alamo Ranch so I could purchase a DVD burner, and my wife mentioned wanting to grab a quick evening snack instead of dinner.
I had a coupon for a free appetizer at the Sporting News Grill inside the new Green (AlGore Approved) Holiday Inn over off of High Way 151, and even though I couldn't find the coupon in question, we decided to give it a shot anyway.
When I travel for work, this is exactly the type of hotel I'm looking for. I don't care about the brand name or whether or not the place is energy efficient, but I want it to have a bar & grill where you can go in, get dinner have a few cool pops and enjoy a bunch of TV's spread all over the place with multiple sporting events on. Best of all, you need a place that is clean and for me, smoke free.
We ordered up some cool beverages and a sampler tray called The Dugout (I think) with some chicken strips, quesadillas, wings, and some awesome beer battered onion rings. These more than made up for the less than stellar rings we tried at lunch. The wings were okay, the chicken strips were good but my wife did not think the quesadillas were a good representation of San Antonio. So I ate hers.

We enjoyed the atmosphere, the sampler and all the TV's. I was pleased that my beer was a dollar off since there was a Spurs game on, but my wife ordered a Pina Colada and made the mistake of watching the bartender put Cool Whip in it, and that sort of made her think it was funny tasting. Who knows? Do you like the lounge scene without all the smoke? Drop by Sporting News Grill on 151 and give 'em a shot.


Maureen said...

That looks like a nice spot--when I used to travel with my job, I liked staying at places like that, too. After working all day and usually DRIVING for hours, it was nice to go downstairs and chill. Neat-looking place.

Have you two been to Rudy's Deli on Bandera and Huebner-ish? I think it's right there by Tim's Oriental Market. We haven't....we're kinda waiting on you to review it for us.

"Unholven" is my word captcha. I'll have to look that one up.

Maureen said...

Dictionary.com is rather disgusting.

No results found for unholven:
Did you mean enliven?





anal vein

LOL, no, I did NOT mean any of those.

"Minishet" is the new one, but I won't look it up. Have a good day!

Michelle said...

This place is fairly close to my in-laws, so we tried it out over Thanksgiving. I think it is a great place to have a few drinks, I love the atmosphere, but the food was just ok. I had their pizza, and it reminded me of Digiorno.

Dave said...

Have you two been to Rudy's Deli on Bandera and Huebner-ish?

We actually tried to go there today before settling on Sea Island. They are not open on weekends, so it may be a while before we make it in. By the way, Rudy's Deli is right behind the Pizza Hut.

Maureen said...

Yes, we tried there today, too. I just wanted something different. Those hours are not good for us, so it will probably be Spring Break before we can get there.

Rachel said...

I know you like to eat, so if you are ever down Floresville way, check out Trailriders. It's in the historic downtown area. It opened almost a year ago and my family has eaten there many times since it's within walking distance of out house. I haven't been there a time that it wasn't great. My parents drove down from the far northside of San Antonio (about an hour drive) during the week to eat there for my father's birthday! Their burgers are great! I really enjoy the mushroom burger and the Buffalo Chicken sandwich is a large chicken patty dipped into buffalo sauce, not just a spicy chicken patty. Also, their buns are homemade and my oldest daughter loves their cornbread. Give it a try if your ever in the area.

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