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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinner Report: Five Guys in Westpointe on Highway 151...

Of course we have had the Five Guys discussion here before; first during a trip to Baltimore where I got my first taste, then later in Panama City Beach where my son and I enjoyed the melt in your mouth goodness of Five Guys. And of course, now we have Five Guys very close by on 151 just west of Loop 410.

And it was even my wife's idea to go and try them out, since she had never experienced Five Guys. Somehow, that just didn't come out the way I meant it.
If you know the chain, you'll recognize the sign and the set-up.
Five Guys uses boxes of peanuts to create a walk-way to keep hungry fans in line until it is their turn to order. Not to worry, the process is quick. By the way, I noticed nobody was tossing the peanut shells on the floor which I seemed to recall from other locations. I opted not to be the first.
The inside looks the same. You order, grab a cup to self-serve your drinks and find a place to sit. Before long, they are calling your number and you are increasing the likelihood that you'll end up on the gurney headed for the heart doctor. It's that simple.

Since my wife had never been, the young lady taking our order explained the process. The regular burgers come with two patties and the little burgers come with a single. I promise, if your order the little burger and fires, you will still be stuffed. Anyway, the burger comes dry so to speak, and you tell them what condiments you want on it. So say you want a single bacon cheese burger, you'd say, "I'd like the little bacon cheeseburger with mayo, grilled onions, pickles, mustard, lettuce, tomato, grilled jalapenos, grilled mushrooms and a small bottle of Tums."
In my wife's case, she got the little cheeseburger, mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato, ketchup and mustard. Just look at how fresh the bun is. And the pickles are so crispy and fresh. The burgers are cooked through but you won't find them overdone. That is a must for me. Rarely does my wife utter the word "Perfect" when describing a burger, but Five Guys won her over.
Do not order the large fries under any circumstances unless you are with a family of five. The regular order of fries is easily enough for two to three people. And, I simply love them.
I went with the bacon cheese burger with mayo, grilled onions, mustard, grilled jalapenos, lettuce, and pickles. Again, the fresh bun, the crispity bacon and the gooey melted cheese is a combo I love, especially when the cook is happy to slather on enough mayo to cause my arteries to look in the Yellow Pages for a cardiologist. I am going to have to limit my intake of this stuff, because I can easily see it being habit forming.
Finally, we have a Five Guys within a short drive from our house. If you have never been, now is your chance to see what they are all about. For what amounts to a fast-food restaurant, Five Guys is an awesomely wonderful Tasty Treat.


Maureen said...

hmmmm, looks better than Smash Burger. I wonder if there are enough Red Yeast Rice and Fish Oil capsules on the planet to help me??? A good burger is so hard to resist! Thanks for the review!

And wow, guess Eva enjoyed having 5 Guys!!! Why did she wait so long? tee hee....

Lora said...

Since we had the large burgers and fries on Thursday...we thought it best to skip trying out SmashBurger today... but still can taste those GREAT burgers and talking about how we loved those fries at five guys.....
Amost went back for just fries today....but one look at the scale stopped me....

Keith Alan K said...

What are the prices like?

Like the idea of grilled onions.
I'm one of those weirdos who orders a burger with everything (no mustard) then eats most of it like a salad before digging into meat, bun, cheese, and onions.

Anonymous said...

Eva says :)

Five guys were I mean was awesome :) .I was so full to do the happy dance that I had to do a small wiggle in Daves truck instead.I am Very Picky when it comes to burgers.I worked for a fast food restaurant for 17 years so if I say it is Awesome it is awesome. Gonna take my ma next week .I must also say I love the Lord's Kitchen but this is closer. So I guess depending on were we are at it will be a hard choice..
my burger reg cheese 4.09
Daved double cheese 5.99
Fries 2.59
Drinks 1.79 each
total 17.58
Not bad for a great Burger and fries

Dave said...

Just to clarify on the price: on a regular cheeseburger (two patties) is $5.19). My bacon cheeseburger was $5.99. That is the most expensive burger. All the toppings they offer (so you can make your pre-burger salad) are free.

Since we have been on a hot dog craze recently, I'd like to go back and try one of the bacon cheese dogs ($4.39) and load it up with toppings.

Something I thought was sorta nifty was that they offer a Veggie or grilled cheese dog for $2.89. Now, load one of those up with a dozen toppings and you've got a whole lunch!


I have never heard of them..but don't think they can beat the west texas pizza house bacon cheeseburgers (which i doctor up with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo) they kick ass.
you and your wife will have to come to westfest.com
this labor day weekend...talk about some good food..and then you can try the famous skunk egg.

frankvw said...

Went there today for lunch. I've been to other Five Guys and this one was just as good. Noticed on my way home that there is a Smash Burger now open a block away (in the strip mall across from Freddy's on Potranco). Lots of burger joints in this town.

Lora said...

We gave in and tried smashburger today. (Too many burgers in too few days) Tough choices now...Loved the flavor of the meat and the fried veggies were wonderful. Not so much the smash fries...most had no seasoning...just a little at the bottom. Manager came around and asked how things were, we explained and he said they didn't stir them enough. Hubby had egg burger and I went for the swiss mushroom...It was soooo good. Got some onion rings to go and THAT sauce I want on my next burger.
The onion rings are paper thin...

I give it an A-.....we will be going back...

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