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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crap on Your Car...

Our area is full of those ugly black birds called Grackles, I think. If you ever go to the HEB near our house around sunset, the place is just covered with them, no doubt making ugly deposits on the roofs and hoods of vehicles exiting the automatic car wash at the HEB gas station.
This evening, my wife and I ran into the What-a-Burger on Grissom and Timber Path where the new bridge is almost open. This will be nice! I only mention this since I took pictures.
Anyway, we went there because I needed to try out that Patty Melt they have been advertising. Excellent as you would expect, but with all the onions on the patty melt, I probably should have skipped the upgrade from fries to onion rings. I'll leave it at that.
But interestingly enough, there were no Grackles at the What-a-Burger. On the other hand, let's hope the guard cats didn't leave any deposits on the roof or hood of this car.



I'm not sure I would have eaten that sandwich..and i hate fecking grackles..pain in the ass birds.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We had loads of grackles in our old neighborhood. They are mean and aggressive. We had an always filled bird feeder on our deck and they would come and act like it was theirs only. Ugh!

Four Dinners said...

I sense a business starting here...

The cats catch the 'Grackles' and the 'Grackles' go in the burgers....

We could make a fortune!!!!!!

Never heard of a Grackle before. Bird shit is bird shit is bird shit.

Got a 'pet' pigeon comes to my garden. He's a kamikaze pigeon. He stands next to our cats and 'coos'.

They will kill him one day when they get their head around him taking the piss....;-)

Albatross said...

The bad thing about grackles is they are protected under the Migratory Bird Act, even though they are nowhere near endangered. In other words, it doesn't matter how many are mobbing your home, car, or business spreading filth and noise, you can't kill them to get rid of them.

You're stuck with the poop.

Dave said...

you can't kill them to get rid of them.

Is it legal to hire a couple of feral hitcats?

Albatross said...

Maybe that's what those furry guys are doing on top of that car! They've got a contract!

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